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Jasdeep Dalawari MD

Jasdeep Dalawari MD, FACC, FSCAI 

I am a cardiovascular physician with a clinical and medical-legal practice.  

I am Board Certified in 5 cardiovascular specialties, and Internal and Emergency Medicine. I perform a range of complex procedures to support a healthy heart, even in the presence of difficult to treat conditions.

I also serve as a consultant to attorneys whose clients are litigating a matter which involves a cardiovascular event or standard of care concern, as either a Plaintiff or Defendant.


Patient Care.

If you are a patient or patient’s family, I am available to render a second opinion or help you navigate cardiovascular treatment in the healthcare system in order to obtain the best health outcomes for you or your loved ones.


Medical-Legal Consultant.

If you are an attorney practicing in civil litigation including medical malpractice and personal injury law, regardless of whether you represent Plaintiff or Defense, I routinely review medical records and can serve as an expert witness in order to determine merit or a breach of the standard of care.


As a specialist in procedures which involve medical devices such as stents, I explain how they operate and medical protocol to attorneys and/or trier of fact.


A heart attack or treatment can impact a range of situations that result in a lawsuit. For example, while driving, a cardiac event may be implicated in an accident. As a vascular physician, I find another scenario is cardiovascular disease that impacts the neurovascular system which can, in turn, affect decision-making and clarity of thought.


If you are inquiring on behalf of an Insurance company, I can review medical records and perform independent medical reviews to opine on medical necessity or causality.


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