COVID-19: News & Updates from May 2021

COVID-19: News & Updates

As a response to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak, many medical associations and organizations have released statements specifically related to treatment for cardiovascular patients.

These resources provide credible and trustworthy information. Many if not most, speak to the need for more detailed research and data, to help guide us as we develop new standards of practice to ensure optimal care based on clinical practice rather than speculation.

The best strategies to prevent contracting COVID-19 are:
  • Wear a mask in public places
  • Social distancing - stay at least 6 feet away from other people
  • Wash your hands frequently - with warm soapy water for at least 30 seconds
  • Avoid crowds, confined and poorly ventilated spaces.





Helping Patients Manage COVID-19

05 May, 2021 - ACC (American College of Cardiology)


In times of crisis, teams pull together. As ACC responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by building the go-to-source for the latest clinical and operational guidance and practice updates, the CardioSmart team focused on ways to support the College's response for patients.

COVID Vax Opponents and Rigid Proponents...Are Both Anti-Science?

04 May, 2021 - MedPageToday


The J&J pause illustrates deep issues with science communication.
In mid-April, vaccine scientists and regulators were alerted to six serious adverse events after administration of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. These events occurred in women ages 18 to 48 who had received the vaccine under emergency use authorization (EUA), and were similar to reports from Europe regarding the other adenoviral-based vaccine made by AstraZeneca.

So coronavirus vaccines aren’t perfect. They’re still very, very effective

02 May, 2021 - San Diego Herald Tribune


A rising number of people who’ve been vaccinated are getting infected with the coronavirus. But is that surprising, and should it be cause for concern?
The short answer, according to local researchers: No.
Public health officials are tracking so-called COVID-19 breakthrough cases: fully vaccinated people who’ve become infected. It was already clear from the clinical trials that the current vaccines weren’t perfect. No vaccine is. But the rate of infection among the immunized has been extremely low, with COVID-19 hospitalization and death even less likely.

Global Virus Cases Reach New Peak, Driven by India and South America

01 May, 2021 - New York Times



Worldwide, the number of new coronavirus cases has shot upward since the beginning of March, more than doubling in two months. For the past two weeks, new global cases have exceeded their previous high point in early January. The average daily rate of new cases has now been above 800,000 for more than a week.

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