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In response to the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak as it relates to treating patients with cardiovascular disease, many medical associations and organizations have released statements specifically related to treatment for cardiovascular patients.

As we have little to no clinical data at this time, position statements and articles from reliable sources are especially important.

These resources provide credible and trustworthy information. Many if not most, speak to the need for more detailed research and data, to help guide us as we develop new standards of practice to ensure optimal care based on clinical practice rather than speculation.

COVID-19: Myocardial injury may be key in predicting COVID-19 fatalities

March 27 - Helio - Cardiology Today

New data from Wuhan, China, indicates that myocardial injury appears to be associated with death in patients with COVID-19. However, the association may not be as strong in patients with COVID-19 and underlying CVD but no evidence of myocardial injury, according to a retrospective single-center case study.


Researchers analyzed 187 patients with COVID-19 (mean age, 59 years), of whom 23% died and 35.3% had underlying CVD, including hypertension, CHD and cardiomyopathy.

COVID-19 Linked to Multiple Cardiovascular Presentations

March 29 - Medscape
As we learn more about COVID-19  we're also learning that infection can involve the cardiovascular system in many different ways. A team of cardiologists based in New York City say this has "evolving" potential implications for treatment.
In an AHA article published online April 3 in Circulation, Justin Fried, MD, Division of Cardiology, Columbia University, New York City, and colleagues present four case studies of COVID-19 patients with various cardiovascular presentations.

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